# Account Name
1 Marketing, Selling and Distribution Expenses
2 Short Term Borrowing Expenses
3 General Administration Expenses
4 Commission Expenses
5 Cost of Services Rendered
6 Previous Period Revenues and Profits
7 Previous Period Expenses and Losses
8 Provisions no Longer Required
9 Provisions
10 Long Term Borrowing Expenses
11 Loss on Sale of Marketable Securities
12 Export Sales
13 Research and Development Expenses
14 Idle Capacity Expenses and Losses
15 Commission Income
16 Other Income and Profit
17 Domestic Sales
18 Dividend Income From Affiliates
19 Rediscount Interest Expense
20 Net Profit Or (Loss) For The Year
21 Profit on Sale of Marketable Securities
22 Other Sales
23 Dividend Income From Subsidiaries
24 Other Ordinary Expenses and Loses
25 Profit From Foreign Currency Exchange
26 Sales Discounts
27 Cost of Merchandise Sold
28 Interest Income
29 Profit Or (Loss) For The Period
30 Cost of Products Sold
31 Sales Returns
32 Loss From Foreign Currency Exchange
33 Rediscount Income
Financial Transaction Choice
Sales revenue of goods or services
Debt instruments to be valued at the end of the period
Sales revenue through export
Gain on sale of fixed assets by the entity
Gain on sale of shares
Depreciation of foreign currency in hand
The cost of the products that Fabrican sold
Fund withdrawal in accordance with precautionary principle
Consideration of expenses that have not been recorded as expense in previous years in the current year
Interest paid to long-term bank loans
Fuel removal from the management
Consideration of income not recorded in income in the past years in the current year
Valuation of notes receivable at the end of period
Profit for the period excluding tax
Soil analysis of agricultural operation
Cost of service offered at the venues
Commission paid to the bank for an EFT transaction
Loss on sale of share
Profit after tax
Cost of production due to electricity interruption
Cancellation of excessively reserved amount in accordance with precautionary principle
Obtaining a share from an intermediary that the operator has made inactive
Customer goods
Profit share from the baby company
Sales premium or promotional revenue
Campaign discounts
Fuel removal of the vehicle delivering the product
Gain on sale of fixed assets by the entity
Interest on bank deposit account
Foreign exchange gain from foreign money
Cost of goods sold by the operator
Profit share from subsidiary
Interest paid to short-term bank loans