Project Outputs

Most important output of our project is Gamified Learning Platform (GLP). GLP is a software platform which is running as web application and mobile apps. GLP includes training modules and it is free for all users only membership is required to access training modules. Users can access them with getting online. These modules specified below

Gamified Learning Module

Gamified Learning Module

  1. Accounter (Run as a bookkeeper game) – Students can improve their practical skills with making accounting practices and so they learn and also entertain with this game.
    Play Game

  2. Art of Interpreting Financial Data Game – it improves practical skills of students for financial statement analysis.
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Learning Simulations

Learning Simulations Module

  1. Workflow Simulations – They include making out an invoice, a receipt and company formation process.
  2. Finance Workflow Simulations: They include preparation of cash budget, payment schedule and making capital budgeting calculations.
Invoice Simulation Self Employed Invoice Simulation Founding a Company Simulation
Training Videos

Training Video Module

To participate sector experts (as an implementer such as accountant, finance specialist and tax auditor) into the education process in order to improve practical skills of learners by the way of training videos on GLP.

  1. Preparing tax declarations
  2. Performing a procedure of year-end dividend and loss calculation
  3. Preparation for ordinary general meeting for equity firms
Founding a Company Videos Tax Declaration Videos
Professional recommendation Module

Professional Recommendation Module

It provides students recommendations and suggestions concerning their profession with professional recommendation module on GLP.

Recommendations Module
Utilities Module

Utilities Module

This module enables student to access easily useful information about accounting and finance like glossary, quick calculation tools and excel files.