Brief Summary Of The Project

It is intended that the project will examine professional competences in accounting and finance education in the EU. For the acquisition of these competences, partnership will focus on the integration of Gamified Learning Platform into accounting education thus the project will contribute to increase the quality of VET.

The "I Trust My Competency in Accounting and Finance via Gamified Learning Platform – TRUSTvGLP" project idea is originated from the need for qualified workforce in the labour market. This project aims to increase the participation of VET learners into labour market and enhance their access facilities to innovative learning resources in vocational education and training (VET).

We develop our project idea because of filling these deficiencies. Thanks to training materials of Gamified Learning Platform (GLP); is our project output; will contribute to the achievement of the common challenges such as skills deficits, in 2020 strategic training framework. This framework comprises formal, non-formal, and informal learning for improving basics skills, obtaining new qualifications, up-skilling, or re-skilling for employment. The main goal of training materials (such as games, simulations and training videos) that will be created within the GLP is to enhance students' practical skills via generating virtual workplaces adapted to labour market needs.

When the project completed, participating organizations and stakeholder will get both educational tools and attainments. Most important output of our project is Gamified Learning Platform (GLP). GLP is a software platform which is running as web application and mobile apps. GLP includes training modules and it is free for all users only membership is required to access training modules. Users can access them with getting online.